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The publication of Case Reports may adversely affect a journal's Impact Factor(3).
Angiosarcoma of kidney: A case report and review of literature.
Intricacies in the surgical management of appendiceal mucinous cystadenoma: a case report and review of the literature.
There is a steady stream of manuscripts concerning case reports and case series submitted to the European Archives of Paediatric Dentistry every year.
Yet there is no systematic collection and analysis of case reports in which a metastatic cancer has passed from an acute progressive to a chronic stable form.
A brief statement about what is to be learned from the case report.
Many prominent journals limit the number of case report publications because these articles have a low citation frequency and may lower the journals' impact factors (1).
All the case reports presented in this issue of CME are local, and selected for their particular usefulness to our younger and less experienced colleagues.
Infection due to Moraxella osloensis: case report and review of the literature.
Tightly integrated with its industry-leading Study Manager(TM) clinical trial management software, these new Web-based features give thousands of clinical researchers an affordable option for creating their own case report forms (CRFs) and capturing clinical data electronically while conducting clinical research.
Intranasal tooth as a complication of cleft lip and alveolus in a four year old child: Case report and literature review.