Cash Basis

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Cash Basis

A method of accounting that considers only money actually received as income and only money actually paid out as expense.

For Income Tax purposes, taxable income is computed under cash basis accounting as the difference between income received and expenses paid out within the tax year.

Cash basis accounting is not the same as Accrual Basis accounting.

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The difference between accrual basis and cash basis
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Before assigning the first case, the instructor should review the basic accounting equation and expand the equation to focus on differences between the cash basis and accrual basis: Add simple matrices that show the additions and subtractions involved with conversion of the cash basis to the accrual basis.
In the January-October period of 2010, 191 billion TL revenue was collected on a cash basis and non-interest expenditure was performed as 184.1 billion TL, accordingly, primary surplus registered as 6.8 billion TL.
Watson said that the fourth quarter results are in line with its 13 January 2010 projection, after taking into account the exclusion of USD22.2m (USD0.12 per share) in amortisation expense for adjusted cash basis reporting purposes.
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Revenue on the accrual basis is recognized when earned, while under the cash basis it is recognized when collected.
In addition, the cash basis IPSAS, Financial Reporting under the Cash Basis of Accounting, has been updated to include both required and encouraged disclosures that apply to entities that adopt the cash basis of financial reporting.
Thus, it held the tools have a zero cash basis, and the entire amount received for them should be treated as capital gain income.
This commonly accepted and appropriate accounting practice, however, artificially inflates the current income statement on a cash basis.
Many CCRCs conduct operations on a short-term cash basis. They pore over last quarter's monthly fee income and cash receipts, but give no thought to the financial viability of the facility over the long-term.