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Successful Implementation and Training of A Roll On Total Contact Cast System (Klinghard, C): Restorix Health wound center developed a total contact casting (TCC) certification and training program.
stated, "We are excited about the innovative OsteoFx Cast System and our Exclusive Distributor Agreement.
If this is not satire, then Tracey relates the nightmare come true of add woman and stir' to the clerical cast system devoid of a prophetic aspect, revolution or reform.
MedEfficiency"), manufacturer of the TCC-EZ[TM] Total Contact Cast system.
8 ]Derma Sciences' TCC-EZ Total Contact Cast System is an easy-to-use, one-piece, roll-on design that simplifies casting while reducing the potential to cause additional tissue damage.
Tenders are invited for Comprehensive Maintenance of PA System & School Broad Cast System at S.
The TCC-EZ(TM) is a fast Total Contact Cast System, developed by MedEfficiency, which is less time consuming and less technique sensitive than traditional TCCs.
Signed a contract to supply a CAST system that will be part of a new wastewater recovery system at a municipal treatment plant in the western region of the U.