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I saw a small spot of fire on this hillside here,'' said Reda Hamoud, a Castaways manager, pointing across a small valley.
The show is being made by Castaway producers, Scots-based Lion TV.
4 million show made stars of other castaways - such as Ben Fogle, Toby Waterman and Trevor Kearon - the only big on-screen moment for Warren, 32, and Monica, 38, came when they left the island by helicopter.
THE makers of the BBC's Castaway have been swamped with applications from people who want to be next to be marooned.
Castaway hunk Ben Fogle, who took part in the killing, later said: "I feel awful.
He said the catalyst for the decision could have been the surprise visit from Gordon's mother to the island at the end of July, when the castaways were allowed to receive visitors.
I think we trust that the castaways would deal with it in an appropriate way and we hope that viewers will enjoy what happens when the programmes are aired later in the year.
BBC's original Castaway show came in for criticism for being too soft.
But as they look forward to lives back in reality, all the remaining Castaways promised to return as soon as possible.
Liz, 31, Dez, 36, and the other 27 castaways will tonight hold an emotional farewell ceremony and boozy New Year's Eve party as the year-long TV project comes to an end on the remote island.
It has also been claimed that one of the female castaways - a single mother - was neglecting her two children in order to spend more time with her new boyfriend.