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Legislative assembly elections of Bihar had showed a ray of hope as voters presented maturity by mandating in favour of development and against dynastic approach, casteism and corruption.
It is the duty of all patriotic people to spread rational and scientific ideas in this period to combat casteism, communalism and superstitions," he said.
They were against the practices of casteism and untouchability.
Casteism and Human rights: Toward an Ontology of the Social Order (Singapore: Marshall Cavendish [Academic]; 139.
It jointly campaigns on a seven-point agenda to eliminate religious violence, extremism, dogmatism, casteism, and gender discrimination.
Institutional casteism has not been properly discussed in India .
of San Diego) gather together seven chapters that examine how the phenomenon of "exoticization" is used by writers of South Asian descent to critically examine the post-colonial ramifications of casteism, religious intolerance, and gender violence across different cultural contexts in the region, and how current perceptions of "native" and "diasporic" South Asian subjects problematize ideologies of authenticity across Western-Eastern divides.
The event, called Hinduism, Casteism and Development promises a unique insight into the social impact of the caste system.
employ the frames equating casteism to racism and the language of genocide to describe the history of oppression to seek international attention for their cause.
I also believe that it was the strategy of the Maoist to use highly sensitive rhetoric against Hinduism, casteism and monarchical authoritarianism so that they can attract the attention and support of Adibais/Janajati groups of Nepal to achieve their set agenda and goals of state seizure and come to power.
Furthermore, what African Americans refer to as Wyllie Lynch Syndrome, what South Africa knew as apartheid and "separate development," what the Dalits acknowledge as casteism, and what the entire global community of colored people understand as a strategy of divide and conquer has taken varying forms to accomplish the same end--continued subjugation of people of African descent for the continued exercise of white supremacy and/or racism.
Youth unemployment, recent conflicts in British cities, tolerance in Denmark, and casteism versus racism in India are some of the subjects examined as part of understanding disempowerment.