Casting vote

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CASTING VOTE, legislation. The vote given by the president or speaker of a deliberate assembly; when the votes of the other members are equal on both sides, the casting vote then decides the question. Dane's Ab. h.t. CASTRATION, crim. law. The act of gelding. When this act is maliciously performed upon a man, it is a mayhem, and punishable as such, although the sufferer consented to it.
     2. By the ancient law of England this crime was punished by retaliation, membrum pro membro. 3 Inst. 118. It is punished in the United States generally by fine and imprisonment. The civil law punished it with death. Dig. 48, 8, 4, 2. For the French law, vide Code Penal, art. 316. 3. The consequences of castration, when complete, are impotence and sterility. 1 Beck's Med. Jur. 72.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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The official said all registered overseas Pakistanis voters would have the right of casting vote in bye-election through I-voting system.
He said that for eligibility of registration and casting votes, there was a requirement from overseas Pakistanis to have a machine-readable passport, National Identity Card (NIC) for Overseas Pakistanis and a valid email address.
He said that all registered overseas Pakistanis voters will have right of casting vote in bye-election through I-Voting system.
He asked the overseas Pakistanis to register themselves as voters by September 15 for having right of casting vote in upcoming by-election.
But it took the casting vote of the new mayor, councillor Chris Watkins, for her to take the leader's role after a deadlock in votes.
Nuneaton and Bedworth's new Mayor, Cllr Watkins, had to use his casting vote several times at the Town Hall - including to ensure Cllr Julie Jackson was elected as the new leader.
And he disagreed with the controversial decision to send Stephanie Waring home using the casting vote.
If he had used his original vote to defend Marske against over-development, he would not have been put in a position of having to use his casting vote, as the vote would not have been tied.
What really sticks in the throat is the fact such a far reaching decision was taken by one man with his casting vote. Surely at the very least it should be a one third/two thirds decision and not leave one individual having to justify his decision.
"While most of my colleagues have planned their annual holidays either in July-August or in December, I don't see any of them advancing their annual vacation just for casting votes," said a community member.
The Act has introduced a new requirement that shareholder resolutions must be taken by either a simple majority at a meeting of members or by written resolution - removing the ability of a chairman to exercise a casting vote in the event of a deadlock.