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Casual Friday was born in the early 1990s to be a day where employees could be a little more relaxed in their work wear.
Lomax said a major problem was that everybody had a different understanding of what casual Friday meant.
In fact, I started Casual Fridays well before business firms introduced them to improve staff morale.
The quirky shop takes casual Friday to new levels: On Friday afternoons, staff hop up onstage and karaoke to Rock Band, and even director Michel Gondry and Wyclef Jean have stepped up.
Sure, he'd be doing the same stuff for the Firm that he already does for the Company, but he'd have an office instead of a cube, free Starbucks in the kitchen and every day is casual Friday.
As Smith notes, the Phil doesn't program down for the Casual Friday series, calling Adams' ``Naive and Sentimental Music'' ``one of the most important contemporary works written in the last 10 years.
Casual Friday indeed, when the office workers dress down, get rat-arsed over a liquid lunch, and generally adopt the line that there's nothing that needs to be done that can't wait until Monday.
The practice pitched in and purchased each assistant a set of denim scrubs to wear on casual Friday.
Innovations such as ergonomic workstations, telecommuting, and casual Friday, have all attempted to make the workplace safer, more comfortable, and, subsequently, more productive.
Some companies have gone from casual Friday to full-time casual and then back to casual Friday.
But recently the company has introduced a casual Friday and my dilemma is what should I wear?
By creating excitement and getting hearts pumping in our nation's capital, I hope that the idea of workplace recess will catch on with companies that aspire to be great places to work, ultimately making recess as common as casual Friday.