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A Jordanian artillery bombardment of West Jerusalem was taken as a casus belli by the Israelis, who encircled the city and occupied the Old City.
"What is Donald Trump's 'casus belli' against Venezuela?
Casus Circus will produce DNA, an innovative new work of dance-theatre and circus.
'Tama lang po na kung pupuwede sibakin na iyang mga hindi nagpakita sa panahon ng bagyo dahil dapat panahong casus fortuito (force majeure) eh, inaasahan natin iyong mga lokal na pamahalaan ang mangunguna sa kanilang mga constituents,' Roque said in a Radyo Pilipinas interview.
Cet incident aura une repercussion grave pour les operateurs tunisiens exercant en Cote d'Ivoire , car le Patronat ivoirien va suspendre la convention en arguant de cas de Casus Belli [beaucoup plus grand que].
Over the past month, Iran's Lebanese allies led by President Michael Aoun have been looking for casus belli to start a new conflict with Israel, while Iran's Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei dispatched his possible successor Ayatollah Sayyed Ebrahim Raisi to Lebanon.
Some employees have even expressed a desire that a whistleblower might step forward to demolish the administration's casus belli, though none has yet offered to do so.
In a spoiler report from ( Blasting News , "Homeland" Season 6 episode 5 titled, "Casus Belli," will reportedly have two storylines.
Le casus belli, provoque par l'attaque kurde contre les forces de securite turques dans la province de Hakari frontaliere avec l'Irak, a rallume le vieux conflit pourtant porteur d'espoir de paix bel et bien mort et enterre.
PASYDY has reservations about the issue, but its boss Glafcos Hadjipetrou, has said the matter "is not a casus belli," which meant he was at least willing to discuss it.
As a measure to counter any Greek declaration that its territorial waters extend up to 12 nautical miles, the Turkish Parliament officially declared that any unilateral Greek attempt would be considered a "casus belli," a reason to declare war.
The case method started in Moral Theology as the casus conscientiae, which moved on to the law school as the precedent method and moved on to the business school and lately to the medical school.