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Will the real agent of cat-scratch disease please stand up?
People can prevent catching cat-scratch disease by washing wounds promptly after a cat bite or scratch and by thoroughly washing hands after playing with a cat.
Cat-scratch disease," Pediatric Infectious Disease Journal, vol.
Atypical presentations of cat-scratch disease included prolonged fever / fever of unknown origin, granulomatous hepatitis, conjunctivitis with preauricular adenopathy (Parinaud's oculoglandular syndrome), encephalopathy/encephalitis, osteomyelitis, and ocular disease.
Except for obvious infections of the skin or upper respiratory tract, cat-scratch disease is probably the most common cause of a single enlarged lymph node in a young person.
Cat-scratch disease occurs when the bacteria on an infected cat's claws enter the human bloodstream.
A case was defined as illness in any patient with an insurance claims record for inpatient or outpatient care that included the ICD-9-CM code for cat-scratch disease (078.
The literature demonstrates that full recovery of patients with cat-scratch disease encephalopathy (CSDE) can be anticipated without need for antimicrobial therapy or long-term antiseizure medications, added Dr.
Cat-scratch disease was initially considered for patient 2, but it was ruled out after an indirect fluorescent antibody test for B henselae was negative.
henselae was confirmed as the primary cause of cat-scratch disease in the early 1990s, several reports described an association between the newly identified bacterium and rheumatic disease manifestations, variously described as rheumatoid, reactive, or chronic progressive polyarthritis (16-20).
The diagnosis of cat-scratch disease often can be made from the history and physical examination, and serologies may not be reliable, Dr.