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He created catch phrases with an ease that was unbelievable.
Understanding the appropriate use of the correct buzzwords, catch phrases, euphemisms, short anecdotes, and general business speak can provide you with some major social currency in the workplace.
Meanwhile during the Daang Matuwid dialogue, Interior Secretary Manuel Mar Roxas II introduced De Lima with the catch phrase Love you, Leila.
So, don't expect a heap of catch phrases to come out of this comedy drama.
But beneath the nonstop barrage of catch phrases like ``Have a look at this little beauty
Maybe never have so many ridiculous catch phrases been uttered in a single news conference.
The site provides sports fans with exclusive insights from the sports personality best known for his poignant commentary, revealing, off-beat interviews with athletes, and colorful catch phrases.
Words to describe oral sex, female genitalia and the bedroom litter the script - no thanks to the cast who embellished the dialogue with their own colorful catch phrases.
The film's massive promotional push highlighted Austin Powers catch phrases ``Shagadelic,'' ``Oh, behave,'' ``Yeah, baby
Logan explains that red flags should go up if residents receive calls sprinkled with catch phrases such as ``congratulations, you've won a prize,'' ``you need not pay any money to enter the contest or sweepstakes,'' or ``today's your lucky day; I'll help you qualify for that loan you thought you could never get.
And, naturally, Gibson and Glover trade puns, jokes and catch phrases like ``I'm too old for this (stuff),'' which, 11 years after they created these characters, rings pretty true.
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