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Part of the revelry of a rivalry is having some kind of rally call, a kitschy catch-phrase, something with class and crass, a marketing moniker to manipulate the masses into believing this is the be-all and end-all.
While loose collaborations have been with us for some time, strategic partnerships may become a catch-phrase of the 21st century.
Stupidest Catch-Phrase Since ``Is That Your Final Answer'': ``You ARE the weakest link - goodbye.
And this might be the series that actually creates the first preverbal catch-phrase - Courage's panicky, apoplectic shrieks are hilariously silly and, after a while, gratingly repetitive, inviting copious imitation.
With that signature catch-phrase, KCBS-TV's newest consumer reporter burst onto Los Angeles airwaves last month with a shtick so abrasive yet entertaining that even some of his critics tune in just to see what he will do next.
Today our society is rapidly being split between those who are clued into the catch-phrase industry and the rhetoric of consumption - Just charge it