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Often punctuated with a "Woo," Flair's promos featured several catchphrases that will forever be remembered.
has since changed the name of the game to 'Get Cash Outside' and has removed all traces of Bregoli's catchphrase and avatar.
The shows were mostly built around the two linchpins of 70s comedy, saucy innuendo and a good catchphrase.
I'm told: "The cast of TOWIE are a canny bunch, and they know that when they coin a marketable catchphrase that they can really make some money out of it.
With ITV, while not disclosed, it will take the lion's share of downloaded income from the Catchphrase app.
The author of this study has found an engaging method for presenting the past to popular audiences by digging up the roots of famous historical slogans and catchphrases.
Similarly, the Players Association and teams would have to share royalties if they want to use the covered logo or catchphrase.
London, June 9 (ANI): Homer Simpson's classic curse 'd'oh' has been voted as the favourite catchphrase from a children's TV programme in a new poll.
The best catchphrases, of course, weren't those of Mr Chips but of the host, amiable Irishman Roy Walker.
These are just two of about 1,200 catchphrases, ranging from movie lines to political sound bites, collected by the presenter of Radio 4's Quote .
So, don't expect a heap of catchphrases to come out of this comedy drama.