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The Oasis star pleaded with catchphrase kings Paul Whitehouse and Charlie Higson for an appearance on TV's hottest sketch show.
Nigel's Verdict: "The Monty Python comedians thought catchphrases were old hat and tried to avoid them.
THE cry "I'm free" was yesterday named the best comedy catchphrase of all time.
Then there are those catchphrases which would be unsuitable to mention in this publication.
Star Trek's catchphrases include many which are now part of the language from 'captain's log', 'beam me up, Scotty' to 'space, the final frontier'.
And don't worry - there's a new catchphrase we'll all be using, from the schoolrooms to the Scottish Parliament.
Tv viewers have voted the Little Britain's 'I'm the only gay in the village' as the best comedy catchphrase of all time.
Other more prominent catchphrases widely used spring to mind.
There was also the dawn of the "Alternative" comedy scene which made catchphrases and innuendofuelled saucy comedy on TV redundant.
Best known for: Phoenix Nights, his TV presenting work, and his catchphrases.
A spokesperson says, "The reaction has been fantastic and we're pulling together some cracking new catchphrases.
TV'S GREATEST CATCHPHRASES (Supercut) Forty-five of the most memorable catchphrases in television history in a shade under five minutes.