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CATCHPOLE, officer. A name formerly given to a sheriff's deputy, or to a constable, or other officer whose duty it is to arrest persons. He was a sort of serjeant. The word is not now in use as an official designation. Minshew ad verb.

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While he welcomed the Corporation tax cut, Mr Catchpole, left, said the budget "was much more about personal welfare" than a budget for business.
Catchpole, whose life of crime includes a number of sex offences, was spotted causing trouble on the train and, when approached, it was found he was drunk and had no ticket.
Mr Catchpole said the growth in UK start-ups was being fuelled by the ease and speed with which a company can be started - usually within hours and generally for less than PS20.
Mr Catchpole added: "Too many of the transport development cases up here are based on emotion and they need to be built on proper economic evaluation.
After an ominous silence since his appointment, Red Button's snitch in the North East spots this press release: "Tees Valley Unlimited is pleased to confirm that managing director Stephen Catchpole will stay with the organisation until March 2016.
Multi-celled life, I think, is unlikely," News24 quoted Catchpole as saying.
James' older sister Nicky Catchpole, 42, told Coventry coroner's court: "He was on a binge for six months.
Tod Catchpole, with the goal of showcasing this essential "vice" of both men and women of law enforcement and all emergency service providers in a playful, yet meaningful way.
Mr Catchpole the plans for the Fox Hotel site came on the back of significant progress in the city despite the challenging economic conditions.
Mr Catchpole has transferred from within the firm to maximise the depth and quality of advice the team can offer clients.
it has acquired 60% of Catchpole Communications FZ LLC for a consideration of
Judaism is the foundation of Jesus: Catchpole uses this to consider the idea of discipleship, attitudes towards Israel's holiness, and more.