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The role of the plant Catha edulis in the occurance of dilated cardiomyopathy-cases in Yemen.
Effect of feeding different levels of Khat (Catha Edulis) left over on feed intake and Growth performance of Goats fed on Sorghum Stover.
This study aims to search for the antioxidant activity of the extracts Butanol and ethyl acetate at the level of leaf Catha edulis for two different age groups.
Keywords: Catha edulis; Khat; Biochemical parameters; Lipid profile; Uric acid
CNS-active phenylpropylamines of Catha edulis FORSK (Celastraceae) of Kenyan origin.
The MOH announced that khat (Catha edulis), a stimulant narcotic for which the Netherlands serves as a major European distributing hub, would be added to Schedule I on January 1, 2013.
Prior to the arrival of Europeans into Africa, the use ofkhat (Catha edulis) was a well-established practice in Ethiopia and north-west Africa (Sullivan & Hagen 2002: 390).
And about 85 percent of all firms, estimates Catha Pavloff, global design practice leader for Marsh USA's Construction Industry Practice, come in under this $50 million level.
Al-Mamary M, Al-Habori M, Al-Aghbari AM, Baker MM (2002) Investigation into the toxicological effects of Catha edulis leaves: a short-term study in animals.
No book about Yemen would be complete without a discussion of qat (Catha Edulis), pronounced gat by Yemenis, "the mild narcotic leaves of a shrub which are widely chewed by both mates and females" (see the etching, p.
The UK plays an important role in the khat (Catha edulis) trade, serving as the most significant transshipment route to the United States and Canada.
Even the famous khat (Catha edulis) plant of Ethiopia and Arabia has been suggested as part of the psychoactive incenses of Delphi (Ratsch 2005; Elmi 1983).