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The 500-year globalisations of Catha edulis and Caffea arahica have followed parallel but contrasting trajectories.
The interior of the computer cases contained several hands of Catha Edulis, with a total value of CDN 32k.
According to Catha Pavloff, the Green Building Team leader, LEED is beginning to be treated as a mandatory certification and is being incorporated into local building codes in some jurisdictions across the United States.
promising that you will achieve a certain level of LEED certification," said Catha G.
Bronchoscopy with BAL and the Bal catha were compared, and proved similar for diagnosis of the causal agent of the pneumonia [18].
Qat: A narcotic stimulant from the Catha edulis plant chewed in Yemen and Somalia, Djibouti and other countries in East Africa.
vi) Khat refers to the leaves and the young shoots of the plant Catha edulis Forsk.
Kvatipunhi, the processions of the cows (Sayah), the day of giving alms to Buddhist priests (Panjaran), Catha or the day to worship the crescent of the moon and Ganesa, the festival dedicated to the god of rain Indra (Yamya), are celebrated by the Newars only.
Khat is a stimulant (amphetamine-like) that comes from the leaf or buds from the tree Catha edulis (Celastrus edulis).
Catha Paquette, Latin American art historian, identified the image borrowed by the artist as Metzli in a conversation with the author, September 1999, Santa Barbara, Calif.
Hirst says that the succulent Sceletium species, which is available as a snuff, has psychoactive properties if combined with a stimulant such as the leaves of Catha edulis (Khat), a tree which grows in the Storm Shelter area.
By late afternoon, many of the visitors and virtually all the young militiamen were chewing khat, the succulent leaves and shoots of Catha edulis, a plant with stimulant properties comparable to benzedrine.