Caught with marijuana near school grounds

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Country: Canada
State: Ontario

I live in Toronto, Ontario. Two of my friends and I, smoked marijuana behind our school (not on the property of our school, but of another) during lunch break. Our vice principal comes out and escorts us to the office, saying we will be searched. I had a small amount of marijuana on me, and my friends and I were high. I managed to dump the small amount of marijuana (it was in a container) on the grass on school property, without the vice principal noticing. When we reach the office, both of my other friends admitted to smoking, and their eyes were blood shot (an indication that they were high). I said I didn't smoke that day, but have smoked before. The school district police searched me, and found nothing incriminating. The vice principal and principal told me that they believed that I did not smoke that day. Later, the Toronto police arrived, and questioned me. I said I did not smoke. I was let off with only an official caution, and no suspension from school. I was the first to be interviewed. My two other friends went next, by which time I was dismissed to go home. If my friends say that I smoked that day, and that I also had marijuana, is there any way they can charge me with it? Even if they do find the small container, there is no way they can link it to me, as 11 other students were taken to the office for smoking marijuana, and were taken up that same path. So basically, my principal and vice principal told me they believed I did not smoke that day, they found no marijuana on me and I did not behave or look ""high"". So could my friend's testimony get me into more trouble, or will I be fine denying what they say? I have been told via email by my friends that ""they know that all three of us smoked, I over heard the police saying on the phone that one of us isn't cooperating. That's you"". He did not mention anything else other than that. So what could happen now? Is lying to a police officer an offense?


Making any false statement is an offense--If charges are eventually filed, make sure you get counsel to try to keep this off your record Eventually--jail time is not likely but having that on your record will make job-hunting etc. very difficult. It may also help to gather up any evidence you have, such as where you where etc. that may serve as a possible defense.
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