cause for alarm

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Still, I knew that there was cause for alarm, and I could not get rid of the notion of being watched.
But, thanks to Providence, which has interfered, there is now no further cause for alarm.
Soon, however, we had much greater cause for alarm, as the genius, having shaken off the princess, flew towards us.
No, no, my dear fellow, there is no cause for alarm.
The recent arrest of a Maute group sub-leader in Tondo should not be a cause for alarm for Metro Manila residents, the spokesperson of the Philippine National Police (PNP) said Tuesday.
RECENT reports in the media have attributed some remarks to US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson which should be cause for alarm for Pakistan.
UNEMPLOYMENT has risen again in Coventry and Warwickshire --but experts say it should not be a cause for alarm.
Although the Non-Performing Assets (NPAs) of the bank has shown a rising trend, the position is continuously and closely being monitored by the Bank and there is no cause for alarm.
Chidambaram today said that there was no cause for alarm on the rupee decline, and added that the capital inflows were strong.
There is no cause for alarm or concern, the spokesman concluded
Floaters that develop gradually are more an annoyance than a cause for alarm or need for treatment.
Bhutto's assassination was a tragedy for them--and a cause for alarm around the world.