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But, arriving at the last corner, Gaffer bade his boy go home while he turned into a red-curtained tavern, that stood dropsically bulging over the causeway, 'for a half-a-pint.
Man and horse were down; they had slipped on the sheet of ice which glazed the causeway.
It commanded the causeway where we had hauled up our boat, and, as my eyes adapted themselves to the light of the clouded moon, I saw two men looking into her.
The storm was still abroad in all its wrath as I found myself crossing the old causeway.
The causeway outside the kitchen door was dry enough now for Mrs.
At the end of a walk of about ten minutes among the tents and posts, which were closer together near the headquarters, Monk entered upon a little causeway which diverged into three branches.
An old woman came out from the gate-house and opened the creaking portal just wide enough for him to pass, and he went in, across the dry, bare court and the little cracked white slabs of the causeway on the moat.
Though I plead guilty to some foolish palpitations of the heart during our headlong rush over the causeway here constructed, yet it were unjust to withhold the highest encomiums on the boldness of its original conception and the ingenuity of those who executed it.
And, turning his back, he made his way hurriedly along the riverside to the causeway of flat stones.
The next pillar was isolated; others composed a trilithon; others were prostrate, their flanks forming a causeway wide enough for a carriage and it was soon obvious that they made up a forest of monoliths grouped upon the grassy expanse of the plain.
Along the causeway rode a knight with a score of stout men-at-arms behind him.
He was pacing homewards along the causeway, and did not turn his head.