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Objectives: To study the pattern and endoscopic severity of caustic ingestion injuries presenting at Military Hospital Rawalpindi.
Material and Methods: Patients were selected from those who presented with caustic ingestion history in Medical OPD, ER and in medical wards.
CIP systems are commonly designed to clean using automated cycles, which normally include a pre-rinse, a caustic or acidic chemical wash, and a post-rinse, depending on the application.
In such cases, there are often two tanks: one for "clean" caustic and one for slightly used caustic that is designed for what Johnson calls "sacrificial cleaning.
Petters and graduate student Amir Aazami extended the mathematics of relatively simple examples to include what Petters called "higher order caustics.
Aazami was informally testing out a special case of their evolving caustics theorem called an "ellyptic umbilic" by using a technical computing software program when he noticed a pattern.
The Birko Corporation, based in Denver, CO, has introduced a new liquid caustic additive called Brute Plus.
GRAPHIC SCIENTIST Electron gases, caustics, atomic force microscopes--all of these may seem far away from common experience.
We only describe the material properties that are relevant to the determination of the J integral through caustics.
BioT 300B eliminates many of the worker safety issues that exist with caustic cleaning processes.
Another Caustic Soda Plant under the name and style M/s.
used fiber-optic viewers to track esophageal healing in 60 children who had ingested caustic materials.