Cease and Desist Order

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Cease and Desist Order

An order issued by an Administrative Agency or a court proscribing a person or a business entity from continuing a particular course of conduct.

The force and effect of a cease and desist order are similar to those of an Injunction issued by a court.

cease and desist order

n. an order of a court or government agency to a person, business or organization to stop doing something upon a strong showing that the activity is harmful and/or contrary to law. The order may be permanent or hold until a final judicial determination of legality occurs. In many instances the activity is believed to cause irreparable damage such as receipt of funds illegally, felling of timber contrary to regulation, selling of shares of stock without a proper permit, or oil drilling which would damage the ecology.

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Since June and the regulator's initial cease and desist intent petition, Vermont State Employees has been the principal target of a campaign led by the Vermont Bankers Association to force the Montpelier credit union to stop calling itself a "banking cooperative.
The Federal Reserve Board announced on July 12, 2001, the issuance of an order to cease and desist against the Bank of Rogers, Rogers, Arkansas.
Irwin Financial Corp, the parent company of Irwin Union Bank and Trust Co, has received a cease and desist order.
The termination of the temporary orders to cease and desist that had been issued against Bancomer, S.
The board of governors of the Federal Reserve System has issued a cease and desist order to Colonial BancGroup (NYSE: CNB).
New York branch, cease and desist order dated February 13, 1997, was terminated October 11, 2000.
The Bank Holdings, Inc (NASDAQ: TBHS), parent company of Reno-based Nevada Security Bank, has announced that it is operating under a cease and desist order.
Global Banking News-11 June 2009-Regulators issue cease and desist order on Colonial(C)2009 ENPublishing - http://www.
Shipe, denying Respondents' motions to amend a stipulated confidentiality order, to strike from the record a motion filed by Board Enforcement Counsel, and to order Enforcement Counsel to show cause why they should not be ordered to cease and desist from "abusing the public record.