Cease and Desist Order

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Cease and Desist Order

An order issued by an Administrative Agency or a court proscribing a person or a business entity from continuing a particular course of conduct.

The force and effect of a cease and desist order are similar to those of an Injunction issued by a court.

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cease and desist order

n. an order of a court or government agency to a person, business or organization to stop doing something upon a strong showing that the activity is harmful and/or contrary to law. The order may be permanent or hold until a final judicial determination of legality occurs. In many instances the activity is believed to cause irreparable damage such as receipt of funds illegally, felling of timber contrary to regulation, selling of shares of stock without a proper permit, or oil drilling which would damage the ecology.

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(https://www.upcounsel.com/cease-and-desist) Upcounsel , another website for legal advice, expalains that cease and desist letters, unlike cease and desist orders, have almost no legal standing.
NCUA Public Affairs Specialist John Fairbanks declined to comment on the Illinois' cease and desist order, but he confirmed that the federal agency has no relationship with 1st Provision.
Another issue that has only recently become important is federal and state legislation in the area of patent cease and desist letters.
Berjac also financed a lot of construction projects, lending "substantial sums to a number of real estate developers over the past four decades," the state's cease and desist order said.
According to the cease and desist letter, the band said that this had also happened in 2008, when Senator John McCain was sued by Jackson Browne for using 'Running on Empty' without permission.
The ITC may issue an exclusionary order and/or cease and desist orders if it determines that ClearCorrect has violated even one of the multiple patent claims included in Align's complaint, according to Align.
The attachment holds two examples of cease and desist letters in the field of trademark law showing typically pre-worded clauses.
The report shows that federal banking agencies have issued 302 Cease and Desist Orders as of September 30, 2009, compared to 168 in all of 2008.
His letter also demanded that he "agree in writing to permanently cease and desist from the advertising, promoting, marketing, sale or distribution of any products bearing or referring to Universal Property." Of course, the marketing firm that Universal hired had encouraged him to do precisely the opposite.
The Missouri Secretary of State then ordered Krystal Planet "cease and desist" from offering the certificates.
As a result of the settlement, the SEC ordered Baker Hughes to cease and desist from committing or causing any violation of the FCPA, but imposed no fine.
The Federal Reserve Board announced on June 7, 2005, the issuance of a final decision and cease and desist order against eighteen former institution-affiliated parties of First Western Bank, Cooper City, Florida, and an order of prohibition against Carl V.