Cease and Desist Order

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Cease and Desist Order

An order issued by an Administrative Agency or a court proscribing a person or a business entity from continuing a particular course of conduct.

The force and effect of a cease and desist order are similar to those of an Injunction issued by a court.

cease and desist order

n. an order of a court or government agency to a person, business or organization to stop doing something upon a strong showing that the activity is harmful and/or contrary to law. The order may be permanent or hold until a final judicial determination of legality occurs. In many instances the activity is believed to cause irreparable damage such as receipt of funds illegally, felling of timber contrary to regulation, selling of shares of stock without a proper permit, or oil drilling which would damage the ecology.

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One of the issues Alabama One had with the cease and desist order was the short deadline on certain items, which made compliance extremely difficult, if not impossible," Carruth said.
Instead, if a noteholder wanted to cash in all or part of their note, Berjac took the money out of its operating fund or used its lines of credit to pay the investor, according to the cease and desist order.
Tips and techniques being used by leading intellectual property attorneys to protect their clients from trademark bullying and defend against cease and desist letters, including tips for choosing a trademark with an eye towards limiting future legal conflicts, how to educate your clients with trademark knowledge needed to identify bullying attempts, how to refute an infringement or dilution claim, tips for using alternative dispute resolution to defend against trademark bullying, how to determine whether or not your client should offer to sell their mark and how to determine fair price, how to publicize trademark bullying to get your client's customers and the public on their side and generate negative publicity for the trademark bully, and more
The coup de grace for the argument may have come when Reynolds pointed out that the entire ACUA board, made up of largely of credit union CEOs, had voted for the modified cease and desist order and had not found it difficult to understand, the observers said.
There was initial confusion and disagreement among board members about the meaning of the cease and desist order.
We've got a letter lifting the cease and desist order,'' said Russ Stewart, an instructor and the school's marketing director.
In its April 24 complaint, the cooperative charged that the cease and desist order, which the ACUA issued April 2 and published on April 23, was null and void because ACUA Administrator Sarah Moore had not taken the oath of office or posted a required $25,000 bond.
When we ran a commercial saying just that, Red Lobster quickly issued a Cease and Desist order.
Cease and desist means you cease and desist immediately.
The Federal Reserve Board announced on January 27, 2005, the issuance of a consent order to cease and desist against Riggs National Corporation, Washington, D.
State water quality officials are considering rescinding a cease and desist order that stopped a Redlands company from spreading sewer sludge on farmland in the Antelope Valley.
In connection with the agreement, IBM has consented to entry of an administrative order by the SEC directing that IBM cease and desist from committing or causing any violations of certain of the reporting provisions of the federal securities laws and related SEC rules.