Cease and Desist Order

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Cease and Desist Order

An order issued by an Administrative Agency or a court proscribing a person or a business entity from continuing a particular course of conduct.

The force and effect of a cease and desist order are similar to those of an Injunction issued by a court.

cease and desist order

n. an order of a court or government agency to a person, business or organization to stop doing something upon a strong showing that the activity is harmful and/or contrary to law. The order may be permanent or hold until a final judicial determination of legality occurs. In many instances the activity is believed to cause irreparable damage such as receipt of funds illegally, felling of timber contrary to regulation, selling of shares of stock without a proper permit, or oil drilling which would damage the ecology.

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In a separate case, the department also issued a preliminary cease-and-desist order Tuesday against AZTECA Insurances S.
Despite the cease-and-desist order, RecTec continued to operate and has filed an appeal of the order to the Zoning Board of Appeals.
He also ordered the railroad not to construct any part of the propane facility and said the railroad must comply with the terms of a cease-and-desist order issued by Grafton Building Inspector Robert S.
At the same time, Lahontan issued a cease-and-desist order to the sanitation district serving Palmdale, directing that it stop nitrate discharges into groundwater by fall 2009.
BJS was subject to a cease-and-desist order, but no fine.
On July 30, 2004, the ALJ issued a Recommended Decision, advising that Enforcement Counsel's Motion for Summary Disposition be granted and recommending the imposition of an order of prohibition against Respondent Carl Thomas, as well as civil monetary penalties and a cease-and-desist order against all Respondents.
The SEC said yesterday that it is suing Siebel for violating Regulation FD, which prohibits executives from public companies from discussing material financial information privately, and, in doing so, for violating the cease-and-desist order.
We've posted several cease-and-desist orders on the property, and we will continue to do so.
Under the current regulation, violators face a maximum fine of $5,000 a day for each smoking infraction after the cease-and-desist order has been issued.
In Pennsylvania, authorities issued a cease-and-desist order within a month after discovering the fraud.
Circuit Court of Appeals approved a corporate-wide cease-and-desist order by the NLRB against Beverly following allegations of labor-law violations.
The legal wrangling between Polymer Resources and the DEP began April 9, 1992 when Keeney issued a cease-and-desist order, claiming the compounder was releasing one or more of eight toxic gases into the surrounding air.