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But while admittedly an extreme case, Celan actually typifies most of the speakers treated in this study insofar as they are repeatedly singled out for their obstruction or rejection of what we would consider effective communication.
Like Primo Levi, the poet Paul Celan experienced the Holocaust firsthand, and he too uses Last Judgment imagery in an ironic but finally revisionary way.
Mais tarde, Celan designou esses anos passados em frances como "a bela temporada dos trocadilhos".
In a key statement Celan says that he has been writing "in order to orient myself, in order to inquire where I was and where things were going for me, in order to project reality for myself.
drowning (Sappho, John Davidson, Paul Celan, Hart Crane, Gherasim Luca)
The translations will appear in Pierre Joris' The Collected Later Poems by Paul Celan, to be published by Farter, Strauss & Giroux in 2013.
Bem ou mal, tanto Heidegger quanto Celan, em diferentes proporcoes e com diferentes procedimentos, entenderam que a crise do homem estava diretamente ligada aos processos tecnologicos e industriais.
In "Abstraction and Materiality in Post-Holocaust Art," Jeffrey Librett prende in esame una serie di collage basati su alcune raccolte poetiche di Paul Celan, in particolare La rosa di nessuno, da parte della pittrice astratta ebrea francese Colette Brunschwig.
The relationship between Celan and Sachs reveals that the true meaning of poetry in her life was a manner of survival.
Lightduress by Paul Celan, which are never far from her bedside table.
Se dice con frecuencia, para situar a Paul Celan (1926-1970), que su obra es a la poesia en lengua alemana 10 mismo que la de Franz Kafka a la prosa en ese idioma.
Born into a Jewish family in Bukovina in 1920, Celan mourned for a lost generation and for the German language; the mourning of one who barely survives, articulated in poetry of a steely fragility.