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CELEBRATION, contracts. This word is usually applied, in law, to the celebration of marriage, which is the solemn act by which a man and woman take each other for husband and wife, conformably to the rules prescribed by law. Diet. de Juris. h.t.

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The Register-Guard's editorial noting the success of the first Eugene Celebration has been in the barrel for 29 years, and in those well-aged words, beneath the dominant congratulatory aroma, the discerning nose can detect notes of surprise and relief.
National and Worm Celebrations first defines celebrations in general and then explains the difference between national and world celebrations.
Coon secured general liability coverage for the celebrations along the way, and property coverage for all land-based functions, including a 40,000-square-foot stage that traveled with the ship and was used for various festivities.
In the 15th century some church officials worked hard to suppress these celebrations.
Celebrations with religious histories often begin on or near the Feast of the Epiphany, also known as Three Kings Day, in early January and continue until Easter.
One of the area's longest-running celebrations, 3-10 p.
On the other hand, Kachun draws our attention to a gap in African American cultural memory of collective activism by excavating silenced slave festivals and emancipatory celebrations held in the North and later in the South between 1808 and 1915.
Celebrations of the Mass must never be suspended "on the pretext of promoting a 'fast from the Eucharist'" as a way to heighten awareness of the importance of the Mass (par.
An evening celebration of our nation's birthday on the spectacular shores of Lake Superior.
While this practice marked the end of the joyless political austerity of the years of the Cultural Revolution, to a certain extent it also reflected the desire of citizens for apolitical and private celebrations.
This particular pig roast was the last of many celebrations marking the inauguration of the new province of the Solomon Islands in the Community of the Sisters of the Church, one of 11 Anglican religious orders in Canada.