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With Celebs Gone Good, we're applauding celebs who recognize the power of their platform to spark change and rally their fans worldwide to take action on important issues.
Extreme vitamin boosts As used by Katy Perry, 30, below, and Hilary Swank, 40 What the celebs say: Katy is devoted to what she calls the "supplement and vitamin LYFE", once posting a photo of her with three giant bags full of vitamins, labelled "breakfast", "lunch" and dinner".
celebs this The boasts with and The list DON'T MISS.
Increasing the chances of spotting celebs and selecting cool places to visit during vacations, daily life, or weekend retreats have never been easier.
Men are far more likely to be seduced by celeb sex, as over a third of blokes would be star-struck enough to sleep with a celeb, whereas only 15 per cent of women claimed the same.
I have decided to keep on writing to celebs in the near future; I think it's the best hobby, especially when I look through all the letters in my book.
With so many people out of work or on the minimum wage, two-bit celebs should think themselves lucky they are being employed.
Latest to join the lineup of sizzling celeb hot spots is the knockout Beso in Hollywood, where Eva Longoria Parker is an owner.
Although the 6am wake-up call for the celebs the following morning was a bit painful at first, the great weather put everyone in a good mood for a challenging day of golf at the Seve Ballesteros Golf Club on the Saturday.
First up is Celebrity Duets, Simon Cowell's latest musical contrivance, in which actors and other celebs who can sing (mostly) pair with legendary stars such as Peter Frampton, Patti LaBelle, and Smokey Robinson.
Skybet make the Legends 4-9 for victory, with the price unmoved despite the firm reporting reasonable support for the 9-2 Celebs.
Ex-Byker Grove star Donna Air will apparently be dragging A-list celebs up to Newcastle in their droves next week.