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1] after 20 days of cultivation; however this increase accounts only for the cell mass that remained in suspension during sampling as very large aggregates tend to sink to the bottom of the flask.
Proliferation and differentiation of porcine inner cell mass and epiblast in vitro.
Neoplastic lesions of the kidney may also cause an excess production of erythropoietin leading to an increase in red cell mass.
The inner cell mass has undergone another fate decision and has differentiated into three layers: endoderm, mesoderm, and ectoderm.
Another source of inner ear progenitor cells are embryonic stem cells, which are derived from the inner cell mass of the mouse blastocyst (figure 3).
Because of the dangers of wasting, especially as an AIDS-associated condition, HIV+ people should have their body cell mass (BCM) monitored by their healthcare provider.
Representative slides demonstrated considerable integration of the Y chromosome throughout the inner cell mass and the trophectoderm (the tissue layer that forms the wall of the early embryo) of the 5-day-old recipient embryos and throughout the completely hatched 6-day-old recipient embryos.
And yet another is low body cell mass, which leads to increased fat mass.
The inner cell mass of the blastocyst resulting from somatic cell nuclear transfer.
Okarma and Thomson provide an overview on what human embryonic stem cells are and their source B the inner cell mass of a 5-day old embryo, the blastocyst.