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ImmTACs are a novel class of biologic drugs based on the Company's proprietary T cell receptor (TCR) technology which have the potential to treat diseases with high unmet medical need including cancer, infectious diseases and autoimmune diseases.
The researchers also discovered that HIV-specific T cell receptors have to be matched to an individual in much the same way an organ is matched to a transplant patient.
Tony Taylor, Emergent Technologies Senior Vice President, Strategic Planning, stated, "Receptor Logic has developed a powerful tool called 'T Cell Receptor Mimics (TCRm(tm))' aimed at measuring immune presentation.
ImmuVen's technology focuses on the engineering of T cell receptor proteins for treatments in which classical drugs have proven unsuccessful.
The gene NR2B is part of a brain cell receptor called the NMDA receptor.
A fundamental problem in immunology is the recovery of B cell and T cell receptors in their native pairing configuration at the throughput necessary to truly understand the immune responses of patients or animals.
These studies underscore the potential of AVL-101, which inhibits a key tyrosine kinase critical for B cell-related tumor growth and survival, in the treatment of various hematological cancers without any effect on upstream B Cell Receptor signaling kinases," said Juswinder Singh, Ph.
NEW YORK, July 20, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Stimulation of the T cell receptor leads to the activation of NFkB and NFAT signaling modules which play a key role in T cell receptor signaling.
Immunocore traces its roots to Avidex Ltd, founded in 1999 as a spin-out from the University of Oxford to develop novel T Cell Receptor technology invented by the founder and chief scientist, Dr Bent Jakobsen.
The results represent the first report describing the effect of long-term cholesterol depletion on this type of cell receptor and suggest that chronic, low cholesterol levels in the brain might trigger anxiety and depression, the scientists say.
1 integrin as a functional cell receptor and include aspartic acid and isoleucine essential for cell attachment and detachment activity.
Lilly's expertise and track record make it an ideal collaborator for both companies to leverage the full power of BioNTech's functional T cell receptor technologies to develop novel cancer therapies that harness the immune system.