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As for the pervasiveness of filtering products, a poll conducted as early as 1998 at the Technology + Learning conference revealed that 51 percent of surveyed teachers, technology directors, school board members, and other educators had adopted some form of censorware for all or some students in their district (cited in Kongshem, 1998).
But that's the existing world of censorware. I would much prefer a world where each time you wanted to add on an additional layer of mandatory filtering, we had an opportunity to question it, rather than a world where it develops privately and unreviewably through these technologies of censorship.
John McCain, R-Ariz, introduced two different bills that would require public libraries receiving federal funds to install censorware on all their Net-accessing computers.
It's unknown if any newspapers have installed such censorware in their newsrooms, but it may be only a matter of time.
(Those provisions were relaxed last October to allow some circumvention of encryption mechanisms for purposes of finding out what sites filters are blocking.) All of this has put the censorware companies in a position that would delight any other business: Not only does government mandate the use of their products, it also enforces their right to conceal from the public what exactly those products do.
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UK Online Ltd, the subscription-free internet service provider subsidiary of Easynet Group Plc, has installed censorware from Secure Computing Corp onto its service in an effort to portray itself as a family ISP.