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They were mortally offended when I refused to be that scalp the first time they tried their censure motion.
The main opposition party submitted a censure motion against Erdoy-an on June 4, claiming that he had abused his authority to sweep claims of corruption under the carpet.
The CHP submitted the censure motion after Parliament Speaker Cemil Ecicek on Wednesday rejected the party's request for a parliamentary investigation into the dealings of Prime Minister Erdoy-an.
We would like to decide whether we should submit censure motions against him to both the House of Representatives and the House of Councillors.
DPJ Acting Secretary General Shinji Tarutoko said in its board meeting on Wednesday that the censure motion means the LDP has "scrapped the agreement" with Noda on the dissolution of the lower house, adding, "This is the consensus of DPJ executives.
The debate for the censure motion is scheduled Dec.
The CHP then submitted a censure motion against the prime minister, criticizing him for approving the tender and accusing him of causing damage to the public interest.
But Tanigaki's role in leading the censure motion has given Noda an excuse to break the agreement.
Using the threat of censure motions as a tactic to get your own way is not only wrong ,but an abuse of power".
Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda will face a censure motion from major opposition parties before the current parliamentary session ends early next month, the head of the Liberal Democratic Party said Saturday.
If Clinton is acquitted Democrats are sure to bring in a censure motion criticising his behaviour .
The main opposition Liberal Democratic Party stepped up its challenge against Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda on Tuesday over the passage of a controversial sales tax hike bill by paving the way for submission of a censure motion against him.