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QUINTAL. A weight of one hundred pounds

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There's so much history about them - they dominated the first part of the Pacific War,'' said Centner, who likes to fly Cessnas.
In addition, said Centner, HTA was recently named the preferred vendor of electronic toll collection services for U.
Explaining how it works, Centner said, "We modeled the TravelPass program on the popular Netflix process, in which DVDs are delivered and returned by mail.
E-Merchant is an invaluable tool that can enable "sticky" packaging, thus minimizing price competition and churn, while opening new market segments for growth," Centner said.
Centner added, "Many of the advancements in our Propulsion(sm) technology are inspired by our client base.
com President, David Centner, in a recently released statement, has urged B2B websites - especially those in the metals arena - to adopt a disclosure policy that would assure participants of a level playing field.
There are many online outlets for carbon steel, but we have found that most of the buyers and sellers we encounter transact in more than just one metal," said David Centner, president, MaterialNet.
What's more, the platform is scalable and can eventually be applied across additional raw material categories," Centner adds.
com now has the space to accommodate the staff and technology infrastructure that will support our continued rapid expansion," noted Centner.
We're always looking to bring added value to our customer's experience," said David Centner, president of MaterialNet.