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CENTRAL. Relating to the centre, or placed in the centre; as, the central courts of the United States, are those located in the city of Washington, whose jurisdiction extends over the whole country. These are, first, the Senate of the United States, when organized to try impeachments; secondly, the Supreme Court of the United States.
     2. The government of the United States is the central government.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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postop IOP 30 32 Type of vascular Arterial branch Central artery occlusion occlusion occlusion Day of onset 23 19 Ocular risk factor Open-angle glaucoma None Medical risk factors Arterial Bilateral severe hypertension, stenosis of ACI supraventricular tachycardia Case number 3 4 Sex Male Male Age 53 64 Indication Vitreous hemorrhage, Rhegmatogenous RD tractional RD Surgical procedure PPV, MP, endolaser Buckling procedure photocoagulation parallel to the limbus, cryopexy, subretinal punction Preop BCVA (logMAR) HM (2.0) 0.7 Final BCVA (logMAR) NA 1.0 Max.
Lin, "Arterial and venous revascularization with bifurcation of a single central artery: a reliable strategy for Tamai Zone I replantation," Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, vol.
An earlier study by the same author concluded that the age-related decrease in central artery elasticity was not observed in highly physically active women compared to that of sedentary controls (Tanaka et al., 1998).
CLF has also called for a full public airing of the draft legislation, and urged that the draft be shared with the Mayor's Central Artery Completion Task Force, of which CLF is a member.
The Dig, too, has a unifying function: When the central artery is demolished, Boston's waterfront and North End will be rejoined to the rest of town after 50 years of separation.
Thirty individual amateur groups, all under the close direction of professional choreographers, hip-hopped, skated, shimmied, grooved and twisted their way through the central artery of Lyons while celebrating the theme of the Biennale's ninth edition, "The Silk Routes." In addition to giving the region's dancers an opportunity to dance through the city, the parade also unites people from the otherwise neglected and impoverished outlying immigrant suburbs in a festive international celebration.
The city's Central Artery, an elevated six-lane highway running right through the heart of the city, was built in 1959 and was basically obsolete before it was even completed.
The (as of now $13 billion, it continues to rise in cost) suppression of the Central Artery, a major highway through the center of the city that originally called for plans for creating a new and bold landscape for Boston, is also due to funding.
Most of the dirt taken from the site is taken to Quarry Hills in Quincy, Mass., about eight miles from the central artery project.
The new Central Artery will carry about 245,000 vehicles daily with an additional 94,000 vehicles passing through the Ted Williams Tunnel each day.
In adding a third tunnel underneath Boston Harbor, and putting Boston's Central Artery underground, the "Big Dig" is the nation's most costly public works project since basketball coach Rick Pitino took over the Celtics.
"Classically," says Heyning, the structure is "a central artery with a sheath of veins around it so it looks like a little rosette." In the gray whale, a large bundle of 50 such structures carries warm blood into the muscular, 5-foot-long tongue.

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