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The LGA Redevelopment Programme is divided into two major subprojects, the Central Terminal Building (CTB) Redevelopment Project and the East End Substation & East Garage project.
City leaders and industry leaders gathered yesterday (Tuesday) at a press conference to discuss new details in the city's proposal to rezone and revamp the area around Grand Central Terminal.
Nationwide truck wraps manufacturer JMR Graphics comments on an article discussing how Michael Bay's TNT series "The Last Ship" is advertised in Grand Central Terminal.
THE GRAND CENTRAL TERMINAL HOLIDAY FAIR IN VANDERBILT HALL KICKED OFF last month, and Shaw Floors was there to celebrate, as it provided both the carpet and hard flooring for this year's fair.
New York's La Guardia Airport central terminal was evacuated due to a suspicious package New York's La Guardia Airport bomb squad investigators were called in, and the central terminal was evacuated on Tuesday Apr.
The first renews the existing maintenance contract for the baggage handling systems in the Central Terminal Building.
Inside Seattle-Tacoma International Airport's Central Terminal, kick back in a mahogany rocking chair with a cup of hot chocolate and survey the action on the runway--or, on a clear day, the sunset behind the Olympic Mountains--through a 60- by 350-foot glass wall.
Los Angeles International Airport has said that it is launching valet parking service in the Central Terminal Area from 10 May.
Clausen begins her tale with the heyday of Cornelius Vanderbilt's New York Central railroad, which by the early twentieth century had consolidated its power in the new Grand Central Terminal, described by the author as an "extraordinary synthesis of a complex, dynamic, futuristic transportation hub, a stately, monumental Beaux-Arts building, and lofty City Beautiful Movement civic ideals.
Hahn said the study will not conflict with his plans to modernize LAX by demolishing three terminals, building a new satellite concourse and replacing parking structures in the central terminal area with a remote facility near the 405 Freeway.
Join Pitney Bowes at Grand Central Terminal (Vanderbilt Hall) on Thursday, February 8th from 7 a.
The MTA has given a $405 Million contract for the construction of the Long Island Rail Road's future customer concourse at Grand Central Terminal.

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