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scope and volume of activities covered by this contract are: a) sofia, central railway station sofia - center, sofia - malo livade area, eb "han bogrov" (with arrival time: 08:40, 19:30) - yana village, saddle "(with arrival time: 08:50, 19:40) and vice versa; b) sofia, central railway station sofia - center, sofia - malo livade area, eb "han bogrov" (arrival time: 7:30) - yana village, satinata area (with arrival time: 7:40) - kazichene village - village of yana, area "sadinata" (with arrival time: 8:30).
Pictured is the refurbished Butler Henderson cafe at Quorn Great Central Railway station.
Mumbai Central railway station is an important suburban railway station in Mumbai.
Now, further details of the proposals - which would also involve modernising Cardiff Central Railway Station - have been released in a council report.
ACcs AN MP has warned Cardiff might not be chosen to host top sporting events in future unless improvement is made to the city's central railway station.
ROME, Jan 25 (KUNA) -- The central railway station in the Italian capital has resumed normal operation on Monday evening after a hiatus of one and half hours forced by a terrorist alert.
29 -- The Mumbai Central railway station will be the first to offer Google's Wi-Fi services.
ON Saturday, August 29 the great central railway station of Newcastle upon Tyne, the first station in the world to have the title of central station becomes 165 years old.
Reichshof Hamburg is located at Kirchenallee 34-36, 20099 Hamburg, Germany, opposite the Hamburg Central Railway Station.
This monument to the railway age, opened in 1850 by Queen Victoria and named the Great Central Railway Station Newcastle Upon Tyne, was the first station to be called Central Station
Combined tickets will enable customers flying throughout FinnairaACAOs network in Europe, Asia and North America to connect to and from Saint Petersburg on the high-speed Allegro train, which takes 3 hours and 36 minutes between HelsinkiaACAOs Central Railway Station and Saint PetersburgaACAOs Finland Station.
A woman was killed and 14 others injured in two low intensity bomb blasts that happened on the Bangalore-Guwahati Express as it arrived Chennai central railway station on Thursday morning.

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