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CEPI. A Latin word signifying I have taken. Cepi corpus, I have taken the body; cepi and B. B., I have taken the body and discharged him on bail bond; cepi corpus et est in custodia, I have taken the body and it is in custody; cepi corpus, et est languidus, I have taken the body of, &c. and he is sick. These are some of the various returns made by the sheriff to a writ of capias.

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Sarona has loaned $90,000 to CEPI to provide the operating capital needed to purchase materials to complete its contracts.
CEPI has estimated that the CHP systems in the European pulp and paper industry allow energy savings of 30 to 35 percent (CEPI 2005).
The CEPI curriculum focuses on the core disciplines of equity compensation: Accounting; Equity Plan Design, Analysis and Administration; Corporate and Securities Law; and Taxation.
In a joint statement, WWF and CEPI said: "Biomass has an important role to play in providing sustainable energy for the future.
IGT also organizes 2 times per year round robin tests for a number of tests in cooperation with the CEPI Comparative Testing Service.
In a joint statement, the two sides said: "WWF and CEPI believe that biomass has an important role to play in providing sustainable energy for the future.
Probably more than almost any other industry in fact," said Jori Ringman, recycling director at CEPI (Confederation of European Paper Industries).
Among others, SIMA2010 has reached agreements with NAR [National Association of Realtors], FAR [Florida Association of Realtors] y RAMB [Association of Greater Miami and the Beaches], SECOVI, as well as for the first time with CEPI [Conseil Europeen des Professions Immobilieres] and ICREA [International Consortium of Real Estate Associations].
He is member of the executive committee and board of CEPI.
And, despite the document being revised several times since, CEPI and the ERPA (European Recovered Paper Association) agree that the specifications need to be revised again in the near future.
Chief among these is CEPI (the Confederation of European Paper Industries), which represents Europe's national pulp and paper associations.
Paper recovery in CEPI (Confederation of European Paper Industries) countries is growing relative to recovered paper consumption ill these countries.