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CT scans were analysed independently by a general radiologist at Kilimanjaro Christian Medical Centre, Tanzania (AJ) and a neuro-radiologist from Newcastle General Hospital, UK (DM), and the diagnoses of ischaemic stroke and cerebral haemorrhage were compared.
Pregnancy-related cerebral haemorrhage is a rare but devastating condition that usually presents with sudden-onset, excruciating headache followed by photophobia, convulsion, neck stiffness and unconsciousness.
True (A) or false (B)--click on the correct answer: There are two kinds of stroke: ischaemic stroke and cerebral haemorrhage.
The man was taken to Paphos General Hospital, where he was found to have suffered a contusion to the brain and a cerebral haemorrhage.
The coroner gave the cause of death as a cerebral haemorrhage.
Professor Leslie Norris, 84, died of a cerebral haemorrhage in Utah, where he had lived for the past 23 years.
The former Orange Juice star, who had a huge solo hit with A Girl Like You in the mid-90s, suffered a cerebral haemorrhage on February 20He had emergency surgery and while he was still in hospital the Glasgow-born singer also caught the MRSA superbug.
She had suffered cerebral haemorrhage due to a head injury, and an inquest held at the time returned a verdict of accidental death, he added.
Pathologist Dr Mustansir Nurbhai said he died from multiple injuries contributed by traumatic cerebral haemorrhage.
The cause of death was revealed as a cerebral haemorrhage.
Walter Haycock, 51, suffered a cerebral haemorrhage in 1991 and used the drug to ease pain and relieve the stress and fear of it happening again.
She was rushed to the Princess of Wales Hospital in Bridgend but died from a massive cerebral haemorrhage.