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BURIAL. The act of interring the dead.
     2. No burial is lawful unless made in conformity with the local regulations; an when a dead body has been found, it cannot be lawfully buried until the coroner has holden an inquest over it. In England. it is the practice for coroners to issue warrants to bury, after a view. 2 Umf. Lex. Coron. 497, 498.

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GUWAHATI: The body of a teenage Bangladeshi war hero killed fighting Pakistani forces and buried in India almost four decades ago has been exhumed and taken home for a ceremonial burial, an official said yesterday.
Among the highlights is a Celtic Iron Age firedog (left) and the 'Red Lady of Paviland', the oldest known ceremonial burial remains found in western Europe.
He wanted to take the remains of the warrior, who was shot dead in 1833 as he led resistance to European settlers near Perth, back to Australia for full ceremonial burial.
In an attempt to discover how the polishing was done, Lu obtained four ceremonial burial axes from the tombs of two Neolithic Chinese societies--the Liangzhu culture and the Sanxingcun culture--that once inhabited parts of southern China near what is now Shanghai.
Aldhouse-Green compares the ceremonial burial with other Gravettian burials of Europe, including those at sites such as Brno and Dolni Vestonice in the Czech Republic and the child burial at Abrigo do Lagar Velho, Portugal.