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'While [the security paper] over the years has changed in appearance to keep the proliferation of fraudulent birth certificates and identities at bay, the PSA has been emphatic in its assurance that such does not remove the validity of the birth certificate,' he said.
The major rise was observed only in third quarter where the main contribution was from Regular Income Certificates (RICs), followed by Behbood Saving Certificates (BSCs) and Defense Saving Certificates (DSCs).
'They tell you that they have your contact and they will call you when it's ready,' a Likoni resident who has been seeking the certificate of her son told the Star on condition of anonymity.
'It is this certificate that we give out and not re-issuance of another certificate.
If you collect resale certificates from customers for resale, the most important reason to be sure an updated resale certificate is on file is because of sales tax audits.
"The manufacturers of food products, cosmetics, equipment and other goods may receive the certificate," Gardashev added.
ISLAMABAD -- The federal government has increased up to 1.25 per cent the penalty for the premature encashment of the Pakistan Banao Certificates - dollar investment certificates recently launched for overseas Pakistanis.
SAHIWAL -- The Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education (BISE) is pushing hard to clear the backlog of 1,45,000 pending matric/intermediate certificates that it has yet to issue to the candidates who passed the examinations from 2015 to 2017.
This newspaper was able to determine that, based on its enabling law, the NYSC does not issue exemption certificate to anyone who, like the minister, graduates before turning 30.
The figures, published by the Home Office, show the most common age for someone to hold a certificate is 50-64.
individu a fir tA A certificate is refused if police believe the individual shouldn't be allowed have a shotgun or firearm under the Firearms Act, or if they don't have a good reason to own, buy or acquire a shotgun.
Types of SSL certificate and installation process of an SSL certificate?

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