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Observance; conformity; obedience.

Compliance with the federal Income Tax laws is essential to avoid prosecution for Tax Evasion.


noun accedence, acceptance, accommodation, accord, accordance, acquiescence, adaptability, adherence, agreeability, agreement, assent, bowing, concession, concord, concurrence, conformability, conformance, conformity, consent, consonance, cooperation, dutifulness, harmony, keeping, obedience, obsequium, observance, pliancy, submission, tractability, tractableness, willingness to commly, yielding
Associated concepts: compliance with the law, in compliince with statute, strict compliance, substantial compliance
Foreign phrases: Impotentia excusat legem.The impossibillty of performing a legal duty is an excuse from the perrormance. Obedientia est legis essentia. Obedience is the essence of the law.
See also: acceptance, accordance, acknowledgment, acquiescence, adherence, agreement, amenability, assent, capitulation, comity, compatibility, conciliation, conduct, conformity, conjunction, consent, consortium, conspiracy, deference, devotion, discipline, fealty, homage, indorsement, loyalty, timeliness, understanding
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An IRS agent reviewed the taxpayer's 1988 return and, as a result of the meeting, issued to him an "Annual Certificate of Compliance.
The USCG boarded the DEEPWATER HORIZON once a year while it was operating in the Gulf of Mexico in accordance with procedures for maintaining the validity of the Certificate of Compliance required by the USCG.
With the request are simultaneously submit the following documents: Liquidity / bank statement information in tax matters, certificate of compliance of the professional association, self-declaration, certificate of compliance of health insurance, excerpt from the Central Trade Register - not older than 6 months, a certificate of registration - not older than 6 months - provided that legal obligation for registration exists in the commercial register, proof DIN EN ISO 9001 ff.
Sulaiman further added, "With active support from the entire IT Department, Card Business, Card Services Operations, various other Business Units, third party Solution and Service providers along with professional assistance from ControlCase, PCI DSS QSA, UNB was successful in achieving the PCI DSS Certificate of Compliance for UNB in the UAE".
GreenSoft will contact your suppliers for a certificate of compliance and assist them in completing an EICC Conflict Minerals Reporting Template if necessary.
Requirements under Corporate Integrity Agreements (CIAs) and Certificate of Compliance Agreements (CCAs)
The three offences each year for five years involved failing to register, failing to take sufficient steps to recover and recycle the packaging and failing to furnish an annual certificate of compliance.
Hart reluctantly signed a permit for the Turn Verein bar Wednesday night, but warned the selectmen, who voted 4-1 to make him sign the certificate of compliance, that he will probably rescind it shortly because of a fire lane violation.
285 16-0-1 Subdivision (i) is being amended to require that a party making mandatory disclosure swear or affirm under oath that the disclosure is complete, accurate, and in compliance with the requirements of the rule unless the party indicates otherwise, with specificity, in the certificate of compliance (Fla.
Along with the supplied Transaction Certificate of Compliance, this ensures that the end user is guaranteed a quality Non-GM product.
The company pleaded guilty to four charges of failing to register under the regulations, one charge of registering late, four charges of failing to take reasonable steps to recover and recycle waste and four charges of not supplying a certificate of compliance.
lTrainers to clean and disinfect all transport before loading and leaving yard, and complete a certificate of compliance for driver before leaving.

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