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Observance; conformity; obedience.

Compliance with the federal Income Tax laws is essential to avoid prosecution for Tax Evasion.

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During a hearing for the motions in February 2018, it was discovered that Sabio attached an expired MCLE certificate of compliance in his pleadings.
All EGs and SGFs shall secure a Certificate of Compliance (COC) pursuant to existing guidelines on licensing of generation facilities, the department stressed.
were awarded with a certificate of compliance for both general labor standards and occupational safety and health standards by the Dole,' said Adi Timbol-Hernandez, public relations and communications senior manager of McDonald's Philippines.
In a disclosure to the Philippine Stock Exchange, AboitizPower said on Monday that it was advised by SNAP-Magat that the Energy Regulatory Commission already issued a Certificate of Compliance (COC) for all four 90-MW units of Magat plant.
In a proposed circular, the DOE will also mandate all retail establishments to secure a certificate of compliance from the department's Oil Industry Management Bureau, without which any sale of petroleum products by the business would be considered 'illegal trading' subject to stiff penalties and fines.
Under the new system, companies may apply to go through joint assessment and get a Certificate of Compliance valid for two years unless there is a complaint.
In a disclosure to the Philippine Stock Exchange Thursday, First Gen said that its unit, Prime Meridian Powergen Corp., received the certificate of compliance (COC) issued by the Energy Regulatory Commission for the Avion Plant, which is located within the parent firm's clean energy complex in Batangas.
Perc disclosed Wednesday the Energy Regulatory Commission approved the certificate of compliance as a Feed-in-Tariff (FIT) eligible power plant of PetroSolar Corp.'s Tarlac-1 Solar Power Project.

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