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Some of the accountants wanted to know whether the proposed test is going to be conducted for all of them or only for certified accountants.
According to these laws, Khouri said, the Certified Accountants will shoulder the responsibility if they don't follow the international accounting standards and international auditing standards and the general rules for auditing and violation of the laws.
The announcement of the planned introduction of the registration regime comes at a time when the professional quality of some auditing firms is under scrutiny in the wake of a series of accounting fraud cases in which several certified accountants have been indicted.
Kevan Richard Kynaston, 57, has been kicked out of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) for three counts of misconduct.
Many companies are unaware that they can claim it back because it's staff entertainment, rather than general business entertaining," says Chas Roy-Chowdhury, head of taxation at the Association Of Chartered Certified Accountants.
Dennis Yeates - a former president of the ACCA - could face a disciplinary hearing after investigations by the body which awards Certified Accountant status.
Ian Harris, prosecuting, told Liverpool crown court that Bowe, a certified accountant, had not banked all the money he should have done for the firm.
The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants/Britain has included the International Arab Certified Public Accountant (IACPA) certificate among its recognized professional qualifications, in order to exempt students who have obtained the IACPA certificate, issued by IASCA, from four examination papers of the British Chartered Certified Accountant certificate.
While chartered certified accountant Karen Tuck was in Oxford to pick up a first class degree in applied accounting, colleague Grant Ramsden, a trainee accountant, was getting married.
He qualified as a chartered certified accountant and having chosen to help develop Harris Lipman's Cardiff office, moved to South Wales in 2001 and qualified as a licensed insolvency practitioner.
For further information on tax planning consult a chartered certified accountant.
According to the decision, the holders of ACPA are entitled to be enlisted in the Certified Accountant and Auditors Register in the Libyan Stock Market.

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