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Some of the accountants wanted to know whether the proposed test is going to be conducted for all of them or only for certified accountants.
According to these laws, Khouri said, the Certified Accountants will shoulder the responsibility if they don't follow the international accounting standards and international auditing standards and the general rules for auditing and violation of the laws.
Meanwhile, Fujinuma said the JICPA will ask the Financial Services Agency to revise the current law recognizing the collective responsibility of certified accountants jointly working for a single auditing firm, in order to limit the scope of their liability in the event of one of the accountants being found to have engaged in illicit accounting practices.
According to the IACPA certificate s recognition, the students who have obtained the IACPA certificate will be exempted from the following main topics of the British Chartered Certified Accountant examinations:
A DISGRACED former finance boss who swindled his Leamington family out of pounds 20,000 is being investigated by the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants.
Murphy is a certified accountant and honors graduate of the Chartered Association of Certified Accountants and is a fellow of the Chartered Association.
He qualified as a chartered certified accountant and having chosen to help develop Harris Lipman's Cardiff office, moved to South Wales in 2001 and qualified as a licensed insolvency practitioner.
He graduated from Oxford University in 1966 with an honors degree in economics and is a certified accountant.
According to the decision, the holders of ACPA are entitled to be enlisted in the Certified Accountant and Auditors Register in the Libyan Stock Market.
Qualifying as a certified accountant in 1997, he previously worked for a variety of independent firms in the Midlands in many sectors.
certified accountant, management is proud to release their updated interim financial results which have increased dramatically since this period in 2004.
AKRON, Ohio -- Allan Markey, a prominent Akron certified accountant with 40 years of financial experience, formally announced his candidacy for the Akron School Board today.

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