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According to the patient, the pain subsided, and a rigid cervical collar was applied to be maintained for 8 weeks, day and night, whereupon the patient was discharged.
Spinal immobilization is achieved using a long backboard (LBB) and a combination of rigid or semi-rigid cervical collar (CC) in most emergency medicine systems worldwide (4, 5).
A preventable mechanical neck pain is often turned into an irreversible musculoskeletal injury by resorting to self-treatments like using a cervical collar," said Dr Panikar.
Use of a simple cervical collar to prevent neck flexion has been shown to halt the progression of the disease.
Of note, the cervical collar was on the patient during his MRI as it was for his CT scan.
On a call to find a lost girl, he is embarrassed by getting violently ill when seeing a fractured bone stick out from her leg, but he acquits himself well by helping the girl stay still while waiting for a cervical collar.
He was administered a bolus dose of intravenous methylprednisolone 30mg/kg, and sent for radiological evaluation with a cervical collar.
Then, we took off cervical collar and a nonsurgical management to occipital condyle fracture was adopted.
He further added that Rawat had endured a Cervical 1 fracture and a Cervical Collar has been applied to his neck but a doctor's team will analyze today after the MRI whether he needs a surgery or not.
listed soft cervical collar Would you recommend Yes Yes the elastic head support for others?