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Does HPV status have a role in the management of women with abnormal cervical cytology? In: Proceedings of the 17th International Papillomavirus Conference; January 10-16, 1999; Charleston, SC.
Comparative evaluation of efficacy of swab sticks with detecta kits for adequate collection of cervical cytology smears.
The conclusions of the workshop were that DNA testing for HPV may be added to cervical cytology for screening in women aged 30 years or more (called primary screening).
The TBS 2001 minimum squamous cellularity criteria had been adopted by 94.5% of the laboratories (637 of 674); 527 of the 667 responding laboratories (79%) answered "yes" to the question, "Does your laboratory use the minimum squamous cell adequacy criteria for atrophic and/or postirradiation specimen?" Two-thirds of the laboratories (444 of 666) routinely include an educational note in cervical cytology reports.
Safety, efficacy and cost of three cervical cytology sampling devices in a prenatal clinic.
Guidelines in an evidence-based practice bulletin issued in July represent the most sweeping changes in a decade in ACOG's policy concerning cervical cytology screening.
Cervical cytology issues affect the lives of thousands of medical laboratory professionals, many of whom happen to be women.
Testing for low-risk (nononcogenic) HPV types has no role in routine cervical cancer screening or for the evaluation of women with abnormal cervical cytology.
Women were referred to the study from community practice if they had cervical cytology results showing ASCUS or LSIL.
An American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists Technology Assessment on cervical cytology screening, published in December 2002, mentions the existence of the high-risk HPV DNA test and adds that "it is possible...
Contract notice: NHS England Provision of Cervical Cytology Laboratory Service (including HPV).
An analysis of the results of colposcopy, which was performed in 2,609 women found to have atypical squamous cells of undetermined significance (ASCUS) or worse cytology, 5,726 women with a positive HPV test by either of the first-generation HPV DNA assays used in the study (Amplicor HPV test and Linear Array HPG genotyping), and 1,041 women who were HPV negative and who had negative for intraepithelial or malignant (NILM) cervical cytology, showed that the cobas HPV test was significantly more sensitive for detecting CIN 3 or worse than was liquid-based cytology at a threshold of ASCUS or worse (92% vs.