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sup][18],[19] The cervical cerclage replacement may have more complications than the vaginal progesterone therapy, which need to be taken into account for the selection of the optimal treatment to prevent PTB in the women with cervical incompetence during the midtrimester.
17%, were complicated by cervical incompetence for which cervical cerclage was performed.
It is associated with various obstetric complications such as spontaneous abortion, preterm labour, cervical incompetence, mal-presentations and obstructed labour.
METHODS This was a prospective study comparing two methods of management in patients at high risk of cervical incompetence with previous one delivery between 13-34weeks.
It can result in obstetric complications such as spontaneous abortion, preterm labour, cervical incompetence and malpresentations.
a clinical diagnosis characterized by recurrent painless dilation and spontaneous midtrimester birth, generally in the absence of predisposing conditions such as spontaneous membrane rupture, bleeding, and infection, characteristics that shift the presumed underlying cause away from cervical incompetence and support other components of the preterm birth syndrome.
All the patients in his series had experienced failure of conventional vaginal cerclages for cervical incompetence, and many had suffered repeated second-trimester losses.
In fact, a transvaginal ultrasound is superior to a digital exam in assessing a patient with cervical incompetence, according to Dr.
Incidence of spontaneous abortion, cervical incompetence, PPROM, fetal loss, IUGR, preterm delivery, mal presentation, caesarean section, retained placenta and PPH are all increased when uterine malformation are present.
The women were separated into three groups: 91 asymptomatic patients who received an elective cerclage based on a history suggestive of cervical incompetence; 29 asymptomatic patients who received an urgent cerclage after an ultrasound exam brought to light an abnormal finding, and 20 patients who received an emergent cerclage after presenting with typical symptoms of cervical incompetence.
Some of the factors associated with preterm labour are maternal age, low socioeconomic status, cervical incompetence, previous preterm deliveries, uterine abnormalities, obstetric complications like pregnancy induced hypertension, antepartum hemorrhage, antenatal urinary tract infection and multiple gestation.

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