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In addition to preventing recurrent uterine inversion, one potential benefit to the placement of the abdominal cervical cerclage is possible prevention of future cervical incompetence related to the surgical division of the posterior cervical ring.
In the study published last year, a direct relationship was found between abortion and cervical incompetence.
By working in teams, with the perinatologist cultivating a relationship with an experienced laparoscopic surgeon, specialists can work together to bring the option of interval cerclage into discussions with patients who have poor obstetric histories due to cervical incompetence or serious risk factors associated with poor pregnancy outcomes, and then see the procedure through when it is deemed worthwhile and desirable.
A large concern among women who have HPV-induced cervical dysplasia (pre-cancerous growth potentially leading to cervical cancer) is that the treatment of this disease can require surgical procedures such as hysterectomy or procedures which can, in some cases, lead to cervical incompetence and the inability to bear children.
Not all CIN lesions progress, however, so the ability to predict which ones will regress could help avoid unnecessary treatment and prevent related complications such as cervical stenosis, cervical incompetence, infection, and bleeding.
But this time she miscarried at 22 weeks, and she was diagnosed as suffering from a condition known as cervical incompetence.
There is growing evidence of links between induced abortion and breast cancer, psychiatric illness, infertility, pelvic inflammatory disease and cervical incompetence.

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