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The act of relinquishing one's right.

A surrender, relinquishment, or assignment of territory by one state or government to another.

The territory of a foreign government gained by the transfer of sovereignty.


noun abalienation, allowance, assignment, award, bestowal, concession, conveyance, delivery, disposition, donation, gift, giving up, giving up claim to, grant, handing over, nonretention, parting with, release, relinquishing claim to, relinquishment, submittal, surrender, transfer, waiver, yielding
See also: abandonment, alienation, assignment, consignment, conveyance, demise, desertion, expense, release, relinquishment, renunciation, resignation, sacrifice

CESSION, contracts. Yielding up; release.
     2. France ceded Louisiana to the United States, by the treaty of Paris, of April 30, 1803 Spain made a cession of East and West Florida, by the treaty of February 22, 1819. Cessions have been severally made of a part of their territory, by New York, Virginia, Massachusetts, Connecticut) South Carolina, North Carolina, and Georgia. Vide Gord. Dig. art. 2236 to 2250.

CESSION, civil law. The, act by which a party assigns or transfers property to a other; an assignment.

CESSION, eccl. law. When an ecclesiastic is created bishop, or when a parson takes another benefice, without dispensation, the first benefice becomes void by a legal cession, or surrender. Cowel, h.t.

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Thus, we get a pair of duets from Cavalli's La Calisto, the great final duet from Monteverdi's L'Incoronazione di Poppea (now, ironically, credited to Benedetto Ferrari) and duets from Vivaldi's scarcely known opera, Ottone in Villa, as well as his vivid and powerful solo cantata, Cessate, omai cessate.
The translations are a hybrid of poetic and word-for-word; for instance, in "O cessate di piagarmi" by Alessandro Scarlatti, the line "Luc'ingrate" is translated "ungrateful eyes.
Le agitazioni profonde della mia anima, le irrequietezze febbrili della mia mente sono cessate.