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CESTUI. He. This word is frequently used in composition as, cestui que trust, cestui que vie, &c.

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He who is in such a fiduciary position cannot serve himself first and his cestuis second.
Et puis qu'il est ensi, Biaus Dous Sire, que vous m'aves acompli ma volente de laissier me veoir ce que je tous jours desiroie, or vous pri je que vous, en cestui point et en cest grant joie u je suis, souffres que je trespasse de ceste terrienne vie en le celestielle
A gift can be made to persons (including a corporation) but it cannot be made to a purpose or to an object; so, also, a trust may be created for the benefit of persons as cestuis que trustent but not for a purpose or object unless the purpose or object be charitable.
55) The classic example is of course the relationship between trustee and cestui que trust with respect to trust property.
If a landholder feared that, for whatever reason, his estate was in danger of being seized by his feudal lord or by the crown, he could first convey his estate to a trusted friend (technically a feoffee) and then designate another party, usually the children or family members who would be dispossessed, as the beneficiary of the use (technically a cestui que use).
29) `Mais quant l'estoire vos ert dite / que de cestui [Robert] avum escrite, / ne direiz pas, au mien espeir, / que prince peust plus valeir' (fines 33,597-600).
According to Len Sealy, centuries ago the practice was simply to determine whether a given kind of relationship was sufficiently similar to that between trustee and cestui que trust to be recognized as such.
In addition to stressing God and conscience, Ellesmere also invokes "proportionable Satisfaction" and the reciprocity of benefit and recompense, in the later instance employing an example from trust law: "as if Cestui que use, sell the Land to one that hath no Notice of the Use, and dieth; by Reason that he had the Benefit of the Sale, his Executors were ordered to answer the Value of the Land out of his Estate.
The use was a form of land trust that "entailed the transfer of legal title (enfeoffment) to a person who was to hold the property (the feoffee to uses) for the benefit of another (the cestui que use).
A common test applied to determine whether a trust has been created has been to pose the question whether the parties to the contract could change the contractual terres without reference to the alleged cestui que trust.
En common law comme en droit civil, il existe des systemes ou les polices d'assurance-vie se fondent, soit, premiere tendance sur un interet assurable entre l'assure et cestui que vie, ou deuxieme tendance sur le consentement de cestui que vie, sans faire mention du concept d'interet assurable.
Can Congress give to Illinois under the cestui que trust, a million