Cestui Que

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Cestui Que

[French, He or she who.] The person for whom a benefit exists.

A cestui que trust is a person for whose benefit a trust is created; a beneficiary. Although legal title of the trust is vested in the trustee, the cestui que trust is the beneficiary who is entitled to all benefits from a trust.

A cestui que use is an archaic term of Property Law that describes one who has a beneficial interest in land held by someone else. Title and possession as well as the duty to defend the land is held by another, but the cestui que use has the right to rents, profits, and other benefits from the land.

A cestui que vie is the person whose life is used to measure various things, such as the duration of a trust, a gift, or an insurance contract. It can also be used to mean the person upon whose life a policy of life insurance is drawn.

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Esta corte construyo un titulo procesal de propiedad in bonis, o de equidad, en favor del beneficiario del trust, cestui que use y protegio sus relaciones juridicas fiduciarias frente al trustee.
Para Court of Chancery, ademas, el settlor constituia a su vez un dominio util de equidad (beneficial ownership = propiedad pretoria = possesio ad usus fructus) en favor del cestui que trust Este dominio util procesal otorga derechos, beneficios y frutos de equidad en beneficio del cestui que trustsobre el fondo patrimonial del trust.
El terrateniente que hacia la transmision se llamaba feoffor, los que la recibian se llamaban feoffees to use o simplemente feoffees; el beneficiario se llamaba cestui que use [cestui a que use le feoffment fuit fait].
Las promesas y las obligaciones que mediaban entre feoffors y feoffees, y entre feoffees y cestui que use, eran materia sobre la que los tribunales eclesiasticos se consideraban por completo competentes.
En l'occurrence, afin de proteger les droits du beneficiaire (ou cestui que trust) et d'eviter que les droits devant revenir au beneficiaire ne puissent etre confondus avec les droits personnels de la personne agissant comme trustee.
Autrement dit, la vie assuree, ou cestui que vie, exerce un controle sur la naissance du contrat, mais n'a aucun controle sur la fin du contrat.
In other words, the life insured, or cestui que vie, exercises control over the creation of the contract, but has no control over its termination.