Cestui que use

cestui que use

(pronounced ses-tee kay use or setty kay use) n. a beneficiary of a trust which holds title to the property for the beneficiary's actual use. The term "beneficiary" is now used instead.

CESTUI QUE USE. He to whose use land is granted to another person the latter is called the terre-tenant, having in himself the legal property and possession; yet not to his own use, but to dispose of it according to the directions of the cestui que use, and to suffer him to take the profits. Vide Bac. Read. on Stat. of Uses, 303, 309, 310. 335, 349; 7 Com. Dig. 593.

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In addition to stressing God and conscience, Ellesmere also invokes "proportionable Satisfaction" and the reciprocity of benefit and recompense, in the later instance employing an example from trust law: "as if Cestui que use, sell the Land to one that hath no Notice of the Use, and dieth; by Reason that he had the Benefit of the Sale, his Executors were ordered to answer the Value of the Land out of his Estate.