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CHAFFERS. Anciently signified wares and merchandise; hence the word chaffering, which is yet used for buying and selling, or beating down the price of an article. The word is used in stat. 3 Ed. III. c. 4.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Chaffers represented himself and cross-examined Lady Twiss for two days.
Chaffers has negotiated a five year tribute agreement with Paddington Goldfields, a subsidiary of Norton Goldfields to mine certain defined gold deposits located on the Norton leases, located 30km north of Kalgoorlie in the heart of the Western Australian goldfields, for treatment at Norton's nearby Paddington processing plant.
Chaffers said the new facilities replicate factory conditions.
They are probably by Richard Chaffers, of Liverpool.
In addition, our yards are hosting myriad pests - Oriental beetles, Asiatic garden beetles and two different chaffers - that all eat plants.
THE FOUR CHAFFERS of data analysis in Making Multiracials investigate why individuals became active in such organizations and also explore how mainstream society (in the form of marketing) has responded.
Although Black artists James Chaffers and Jon Lockard, both University of Michigan professors, will be working with Lei--who has carved monuments of many of China's most prominent figures, including Mao Zedong, father of communist China--the decision has some in the African-American community, particularly the Black art community, furious.
Bahiyyih Chaffers, a Baha'i International Community Representative to the UN, chaired one of the Forum's main panel discussions, a round-table on "Why Copenhagen Matters for the Millennium Development Goals."
A: "Get an answer from a labor attorney licensed to practice in your state," says Michael Chaffers senior consultant at Thoughtbridge, a negotiations consulting firm in Cambridge, Massachusetts.
The most famous of all the Liverpool potters was Richard Chaffers, who was apprenticed to Thomas Shaw.
They were asked to put a freeze on all new financial commitments and put a series of projects on hold, including fixing library roofs, the Crosby Coastal Park and the Chaffers playing field pavilion.