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I got a letter in the mail that said it was not a chain letter and that it was legal. Basically there is a list of 6 names that I send a dollar to, but also include a note that says "Please add me to you mailing list". This is what it says that makes it legal, the note to add me to their mailing list. I then take off the top name and add mine to the bottom and send it to 200 other people, it says to call this number, data line, and for 40 bucks they will mail me 200 names on self adhesive labels. Is this just another chain letter or is it legal? I'd like to try it if it is legal. It's only like 200 hundred bucks total to try it. I've spent more than that on a fun weekend, lol. so any way.


It is normally not legal, and usually does not work...
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A couple of other Web sites that I can recommend when it comes to chain e-mail and other carriers of urban legends are Snopes.
That this particular string of the chain e-mail started from a manager at one of the largest companies in Bahrain is appalling.
FactCheck suggests adopting a "guilty until proven innocent" approach to chain e-mails.
Annoyingly, even if you don't forward a chain e-mail, the damage has already been done.
How can other nonprofits use viral marketing and chain e-mail for fund-raising?
The chain e-mail suggests each recipient copies it to ten people so that 300 million could be reached inside eight days.
Alan MacRobert, an associate editor at Sky and Telescope, blames it on a misreading of an entry in the 1999 ``Farmer's Almanac'' that became the basis of a chain e-mail sent to Internet users around the country.
One student lifted the article and sent it around the States as a chain e-mail.
The on-line campaign will take the form of a chain e-mail that will be directed at potential internet punters and participants in office sweepstakes.
Q I AM sorry to send you this chain e-mail, but I don't have the courage to bin it.
One SmithKline Beecham employee was recently reprimanded for trying to launch a chain e-mail, said John Parker, senior vice president of information resources.
Q I CAME home from work and found a chain e-mail on my computer.