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the more associative links, the more instances of reflections back to self, and therefore the more interruptions in the chain of thought.
7) His gloss is persuasive as a report on the chain of thought prompted by his flanerie by automobile in the outskirts of Vancouver and his observation of the social invisibility suffered by poor young women coping with small children in that landscape.
He said: "I happened to be looking at a catalogue from the play equipment manufacturers, Eibe, and it started a chain of thought.
The new chain of thought is that estate cars should not only offer versatility but style and flair, too, to keep active yet image-conscious families happy.
Chairman Peter Savill headed off the obvious question by raising and answering it himself, and ended his chain of thought with the comment: "In my book of logic the OFT must, we hope, endorse these recommendations.
You can read a book and it sets off a chain of thought processes so it becomes a response to other people's books.
In fact, there is one chain of thought that suggests the Whitechapel murders led directly to the birth of Britain's tabloid press.
There is another chain of thought among supporters that goes on the lines of, well, at least we're getting our new stadium after so many delays and if ground-sharing is part of the price we have to pay then we'll just have to get on with it.
Being what they call in the Valleys as a gutsy bugger, I have to admit to being the polar opposite of this (burger) chain of thought.
Discussing this chain of thoughts, Frost & Sullivan is back with its flagship event Growth, Innovation and Leadership (GIL) 2017: Brazil, accentuating the challenges and opportunities leading toward Brazils visionary innovation.
Due to that involvement and reaction, a whole chain of thoughts would start, one leading to another and then another, forming a feature-length movie or a theatrical drama.
The tombstone triggers a chain of thoughts and associations related to the pillars of the beginning--the beginning of the nation and the State, and is therefore a priceless museum object.