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There is a chain of thought that suggest players like Keane and Beckham will stay for Ferguson's last season and then look for a move.
This chain of thought led to my decision to do something as soon as possible.
Schmeichel is the main reason for that chain of thought as he has been in unbelievable form for them since the turn of the year pulling off save after save in the matches against Inter Milan and Juventus.
7) His gloss is persuasive as a report on the chain of thought prompted by his flanerie by automobile in the outskirts of Vancouver and his observation of the social invisibility suffered by poor young women coping with small children in that landscape.
In fact, there is one chain of thought that suggests the Whitechapel murders led directly to the birth of Britain's tabloid press.
There is another chain of thought among supporters that goes on the lines of, well, at least we're getting our new stadium after so many delays and if ground-sharing is part of the price we have to pay then we'll just have to get on with it.
Being what they call in the Valleys as a gutsy bugger, I have to admit to being the polar opposite of this (burger) chain of thought.