Chain of Title

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Chain of Title

A list of successive owners of a parcel of land, beginning from the government, or original owner, to the person who currently owns the land.

To show that a title to a piece of land is a marketable title and is free to transfer, a person must know who had ownership of the land at any point in time. In addition, the seller should be able to trace the way in which each person came into the chain of title. An Abstract of Title contains a condensed history of the title to a piece of land in addition to a summary of conveyances. This history appears on public record so that title to land can be checked.

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chain of title

n. the succession of title ownership to real property from the present owner back to the original owner at some distant time. Chains of title include notations of deeds, judgments of distribution from estates, certificates of death of a joint tenant, foreclosures, judgments of quiet title (lawsuit to prove one's right to property title) and other recorded transfers (conveyances) of title to real property. Usually title companies or abstractors are the professionals who search out the chain of title and provide a report so that a purchaser will be sure the title is clear of any claims. (See: title, foreclosure)

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The majority's analysis of "chain of title" is wrong, and there is no direct support for the majority's proposition that a lender cannot enforce a contract yet be simultaneously bound by its terms.
Where FDIC had authority to create entity to which failed predecessor-in-interest's assets could be sold, plaintiff had proper chain of title to enforce where trial court found defendant gave his friend actual authority to deliver the guaranty.
42, 48 (2017), in support of the proposition that a depositor must be included in the chain of title to the mortgage.
The chain of title of previous owners certainly 'relates' to the goods, and no buyer in 2016 would seriously consider buying a putatively valuable object without a description of the provenance.
But as a party in the chain of title, the town must also sign on to the land-use agreement.
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-Complete (5) five full Mortgage Securitization Audits under the direct supervision of the Senior Auditor, including Chain of Title Reports, Robosigning analysis, Special Purpose vehicles analysis, and the Bloomberg Screenshots
In similar fashion, some courts use a "chain of title" approach, wherein a debtor has standing to raise a defense if it could demonstrate that the assignee never had good legal title.
whether there is any issue with the ownership of the patent through an analysis of the chain of title;
Further, upon development of an invention, employers will often ask the inventors to specifically assign their rights to that invention to ensure that the chain of title is complete and accurate.
Global Debt Registry validates, registers and tracks debt to create chain of title integrity and validation.