Chain of Title

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Chain of Title

A list of successive owners of a parcel of land, beginning from the government, or original owner, to the person who currently owns the land.

To show that a title to a piece of land is a marketable title and is free to transfer, a person must know who had ownership of the land at any point in time. In addition, the seller should be able to trace the way in which each person came into the chain of title. An Abstract of Title contains a condensed history of the title to a piece of land in addition to a summary of conveyances. This history appears on public record so that title to land can be checked.

chain of title

n. the succession of title ownership to real property from the present owner back to the original owner at some distant time. Chains of title include notations of deeds, judgments of distribution from estates, certificates of death of a joint tenant, foreclosures, judgments of quiet title (lawsuit to prove one's right to property title) and other recorded transfers (conveyances) of title to real property. Usually title companies or abstractors are the professionals who search out the chain of title and provide a report so that a purchaser will be sure the title is clear of any claims. (See: title, foreclosure)

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When a mortgage is foreclosed future title examiners may want to be able to locate a complete and recorded chain of title establishing that the party foreclosing the mortgage is the person with the right to do so.
Conners said the AG's Office aims its work in the foreclosure arena at returning reliability to the process and ensuring the proper chain of title.
lack the status of bona fide purchasers--at least it is not in the case of a grantee who is aware that A has an unrecorded deed that would hook A up to the chain of title.
The overwhelming opinions expressed by the LinkedIn respondents indicate that if the bank perfected its title, it has superior rights to someone who asserts ownership outside the chain of title.
Essentially, you want a very good clean chain of title for the lender's counsel to review," says Fred Milstein, managing director of AON/Albert G.
McRae also argued that Compass Point Drive was a public road that the county abandoned without following statutory procedure, thereby causing a portion of the road once included in her chain of title to revert to her automatically.
The policy is structured to address the chain of title and lien risks inherent in art as a form of property.
But others question why there hasn't been better transparency in defining what those expenses are, particularly given that the industry's loss ratio is only 6%, and with Garamendi noting that costs should have plummeted now that most chain of title is by way of computer.
In a typical exchange, the QI never enters the chain of title for the relinquished or the replacement properties.
The mineral reservation was recorded as a public notice in the land's chain of title.
The groups strongly recommend that nominees, wherever they may be in the chain of title of a security, upon receipt of reasonable assurance of reimbursement for their costs, either