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Tommy Brooks, executive vice president and chief financial officer for Unity National Bank, has been named chair of the board.
She is taking the position of Chair of the Board to be more customer-facing, while at the same time creating more time for other interests.
The honorary role for individuals who served as Vermeer CEO or Chair of the Board will be effective Nov.
BEIRUT: The Chartered Institute of Arbitrators charity has elected Nayla Comair-Obeid to be the new chair of the board of trustees, a statement by Obeid's office said.
Graham as Chair of the Board of Directors at the meeting of the Board that will be held immediately after the annual meeting.
Global Banking News-April 13, 2012--Senior vice president of Comerica named chair of the board of Natividad Medical Foundation(C)2012 ENPublishing - http://www.
At a ceremony and dinner in New York on 1 May, Intel received the award for innovation and shared value, while Publicis Groupe was handed the accolade for leadership and governance; individual awards were presented to DuPont's chair of the board and CEO Ellen Kullman, and Desjardins Group's chair of the board, president and CEO Monique Leroux.
Currently Franklin is chair of the board and chief executive officer of Purpose Built Communities Inc, a national non-profit organisation established to transform struggling neighborhoods into sustainable communities.
Prime Minister Igor Chudinov will be the Chair of the Board of Directors of Kyrgyzstan Development Fund in accordance with the amendments to the Law on Kyrgyzstan Development Fund signed by the President.