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As specified by the University Act, Board members have elected Korenberg as the new chair of the Board of Governors.
The shareholders' nomination board has proposed the re-election of current board members Martina FlA el, Laura Raitio, Jean-Baptiste Renard, Willem Schoeber and Marco WirA@n for a further term of office, with Rautio proposed to be elected as the new vice chair of the board.
Pia Aaltonen-Forsell, Markus Lengauer, Eva Nygren and Annika Paasikivi, currently members of the board of directors, are proposed for re-election, with Paasikivi proposed for election as chair of the board.
DeWolfe said, "I could not be more pleased that John will be the next Chair of the Board.
The honorary role for individuals who served as Vermeer CEO or Chair of the Board will be effective Nov.
BEIRUT: The Chartered Institute of Arbitrators charity has elected Nayla Comair-Obeid to be the new chair of the board of trustees, a statement by Obeid's office said.
Claudette Mahar of Amherst will serve as immediate past chair of the board of trustees and chairs the CCSNH board.
Stuckey had a major impact during his three-year tenure as chair of the board of the Center Against Domestic Violence, raising $2 million in private contributions.
AICPA Chair of the Board of Directors Leslie Murphy updated the board on her outreach activities.
Stern has been elected chair of the board of directors of Partners in Care Foundation .
Baker's appointment "will assure that applications (for grants and loans) continue to be processed," said Archbishop Hutchison, who is also chair of the board.
Shyu has been a member of the SAB since 2000 and has served as the current vice chair of the Board since 2003.