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CHAIRMAN. The presiding officer of a committee; as, chairman of the committee of ways and means. The person selected to preside over a popular meeting, is also called a chairman or moderator.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Observers, however, said whatever would be the impact of the composition of the committee chairmen would not be felt now, until the House resumed from its recess and the full list of the members of the various committees are made public.
As a result of which, appointment of all the six development authorities chairmen were suspended.
All previous Chairmen/Commissioners held the position of Executive Chairmen.
Addressing press conference, former federal minister Liaquat Abbas Bhatti, Chairman UC Nanoaana Ch Sikandar Nawaz Bhatti and others said that the chairman of the District Council had allocated Rs2.5m to his blue-eyed chairmen and deprived the chairmen and vice-chairmen of PTI which is arbitrary and uncalled for.
PML-N won 29 seats of chairmen of union councils, Sardar Ghulam Abbas Group bagged 23 seats of chairmen, PTI got only five seats while nine elected independent candidates will play role in choosing the district chairman, vice chairman and chairmen and vice chairmen of six municipal committees of the district.
"I hope that that the chairmen and rapporteurs of committees will forward an official letter to the Parliament's presidency in case of any absence," Berri said after imploring MPs to attend their relevant sessions.
Elected as vice chairmen to the board are Gregory Calhoun, president and CEO of Calhoun Food Markets, Inc., Montgomery, Ala., who will serve as chairman of the public affairs committee; William Coyne, president and CEO of Raley's Family of Fine Stores, Sacramento, Calif., who will serve as chairman of the finance committee; Ed Crenshaw, CEO of Publix Super Markets, Inc., Lakeland, Fla., who will serve as chairman of the industry relations committee; and Dave Skogen, owner and chairman of the board of Festival Foods, Onolasko, Wis., who will serve as chairman of the member services committee.
ONLY one of six Shura Council committee chairmen was replaced last night, as new elections were held following the reopening of the National Assembly.
Many of Kohn's admirers worry that by charting a course so independent of the Chairman he is potentially heading down a perilous path that has hurt the credibility of some past vice chairmen. For example, in the 1990s, highly respected former Vice Chairman Alan Blinder found himself at policy odds with Chairman GreensPan after being perceived as taking a particularly dovish tone at the Fed's annual conference in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.
The Federal Reserve Board on October 27, 2004, announced the appointment of the chairmen and deputy chairmen of the twelve Federal Reserve Banks for 2005.
15-17 "Crystal Chemistry and Paragenesis of Gem Minerals" (Chairmen: Paul Moore and Bill Panczner)
The Japan Business Federation (JBF), to be launched in May through a merger of two major business lobbies, will have 15 vice chairmen under chairman-designate Hiroshi Okuda, industry sources said Tuesday.